Healthy Bones Need a Healthy Diet. Part Two.

Feb 26, 2018

Healthy Bones Need a Healthy Diet. Part Two.

Healthy Bones Need a Healthy Diet. Part Two.

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By Steven Christensen

The human skeletal system is a marvel of compact structural engineering. But it does have its weaknesses. Unlike other warm blooded creatures or cold blooded fish and reptiles, the human bone system is extremely sensitive to the minerals and chemicals that surround it and flow through it. Whereas a fish can live in water with toxic levels of heavy metals and even agricultural pesticides and not absorb any of it in its bones, humans quickly absorb deleterious elements into the very marrow of their bones in a matter of days after exposure, and it can take years for these toxic elements to be excreted.

The key elements of a healthy bone diet, especially if there is any chance of exposure to toxic heavy metals or pesticides or other chemicals inimical to the human bone system are calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, and vitamin K2.

Calcium maintains bone integrity. Vitamin D keeps the body from dissolving calcium from the bones (which occurs naturally after the age of sixty). Magnesium helps flush the bone marrow of any toxic elements it may be storing. And vitamin K2 protects the heart from damage if there is already too much calcium in the blood stream.

One of the richest sources of all four of these key elements is cooked spinach. Raw spinach lacks vitamin K2 — heating the spinach leaves in a microwave or through boiling actually creates K2 that can then be absorbed into the bloodstream to fight the onslaught of over calcification.