How to Maintain Joint Health

Feb 27, 2018


How to Maintain Joint Health

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Everyone has joint pain from time to time. But if a person will carefully follow some basic rules they can have pain-free and strong joints for just about all of their life. Here are some good basic tips to keep joints in tip top shape:


Always wear shoes with good support. Shin splints and cramps come from running or walking in shoes that do not offer much, or any, arch support and heel cushioning.

Always warm up before exercise, and always cool down after a workout. In a very real sense the joints in the human body are like latex bands. When cold, they tend to be stiff and unresponsive and need to be warmed up in order to stretch out properly, and then allowed to cool down gradually after the workout is done. This prevents micro-tears that can culminate in serious joint pain and disability in later years.

Eat those leafy greens! Spinach, kale, and cabbage are good sources of the vitamins and minerals that help keep joints flexible and strong. It may seem more convenient just to chug a V8 in the morning and then forget about veggies the rest of the day, but refined liquids are seriously lacking in the magnesium and chromium that raw or lightly cooked vegetable contain, which in turn are what the joints in the human body crave to stay limber and firm.